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Your Cellphone Would be The Key For Your Volvo Car!

Misplaced the key to your Volvo and you are running late? Or, did your dog eat it and you cannot wait for him to poop it out? Fear not, for Volvo has anticipated your problems before they have even happened to you and will now sell their cars without keys. Starting 2017, the Swedish manufacturer will be offering their cars without a physical key. With this, Volvo will become the first manufacturer to sell keyless cars.


Instead of a key, Volvo will now develop a mobile phone application that works as a digital key. According to Volvo, the technology will offer customers a higher degree of flexibility in using and sharing cars. The phone application will replace all the functions that a normal key does. It will lock and unlock the doors, pop the boot and start the engine. Volvo has announced that owners will be able to get different digital keys on the same app. This will allow them to use cars that are parked in different places according to their need.

While this is beneficial for Volvo owners and for people who want to rent cars, there is one problem: What would you do if your 18 year old son wants to borrow your Volvo and asks “Hey dad, can I get your phone tonight? I want to head out into town.”

Volvo is smart. You will be able to send keys to your friends, family, co-workers etc.


Volvo intends to start testing this technology intensely starting this spring when a selection of everyday cars will be equipped with a virtual key. For prospective customers who are worried, you will be able to order your Volvo with a physical in parallel with a virtual one.

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