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When Rhino Meets Car, This is What Happens!

Animals can be unpredictable, especially when met at close quarters. These tourists found it out the hard way. In a jungle, the animal gets the right of way, and this particular Rhinoceros made sure these tourists (and us) will never forget that golden rule. It went ballistic on this Toyota Safari vehicle with its horn the other day.

The incident occurred at Etosha Park in Namibia. It is a massive park, all 8500+ square miles of it. It has drivable roads throughout. Namibia is home to most of the world’s Rhinos, thanks to their conservation efforts. A Rhino can weigh over 3000 pounds and run at speeds of more than 30mph.

Alexandra Poier, who filmed the happening from another vehicle had this to say “The tour guide said that this was a rare event”. What else can you say to some terrified tourists?

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Thankfully, the vehicles and their occupants got out of the Rhino’s way pretty much immediately and safely. Hopefully, the Rhino’s horn was not damaged after spearing metal.

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