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Video: Jay Leno’s 1931 Indian 101 Scout is a Great Motorcycle!

Jay Leno is famous for his car and motorcycle collection. Today we’ve got a video of his 1931 Indian 101 Scout motorcycle and he explains why it is one of America’s legendary motorcycle and one of the greatest of all times. It’s 750cc and twin-cam (1 for each cylinder) and it was technologically advanced for it’s time.

The Indian Scout is a famous name in motorcycling circles, even before it’s recent revival. The early bikes including the 1931 Indian 101 Scout had a great reputation for being a well rounded motorcycle; great reliability, solid build quality and excellent performance. It wasn’t however the fastest motorcycle at it’s time but according to Jay Leno, the 1931 Indian 101 Scout kept up with its rivals easily. The innovative method of construction of this Indian motorcycle ensured that it was a great bike for munching miles day-in and day-out.

Watch 1931 Indian 101 Scout in motion:

It’s quite fascinating to watch the motorcycle with its foot clutch, hand shifter, a key to turn on its headlight and the spark advance-retard function built into the left hand-grip. Jay Leno seems to enjoy his 1931 Indian 101 Scout motorcycle very much and if you love classic American motorcycles then you would have certainly enjoyed this video.

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