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Video: Guy Martin Smashes Wall Of Death World Record at 78.15 mph!

Guy is one of the most popular IOM TT racer and has been on the podium more than 10 times. Guy Martin’s wall of death world record attempt was an event most anticipated by motorcyclists all over the world. We’re not sure what he was thinking when he was planning to break the existing record for the highest speed recorded in a wall of death. Wall of Death is a barrel-shaped wooden cylinder, also sometimes referred as a silodrome but what Wikipedia fails to define is the insane amount of courage and balls of titanium required to go very fast on a motorcycle inside the motordrome.

Continue reading for his wall of death world record attempt video, post-record interview and the video of his preparation.


Guy makes it look easy, but better him than us I think. He set a record of 78.15 mph (125.77 kph) in a wall of death with a circumference of 382 feet and was made entirely of wood. Enough talk, watch the video for yourself and let your jaw drop!

Pretty insane don’t you think? Guy Martin’s Wall of Death world record is one of the coolest things you’ll see today. But if you were wondering how he prepped himself for this event, you should know that he experienced 8Gs but managed not to pass out. It’s not easy to be a passenger in a stunt-plane when the pilot is doing all he can possibly do to make you pass out! No wonder he has fans around the world, we’re all nutters with atleast one screw loose to follow this guy!

Guy Martin’s Wall of Death World Record Preparation:

Guy describes this as the wildest thing he’s ever done! During his Wall of Death world record attempt, Guy Martin experienced over 6Gs and looked absolutely fine when he completed it. What a guy!!!

Guy Martin’s Interview after his Wall of Death World Record attempt:

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