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Top 5 1000hp Supercars at the Geneva Motor Show

Arash AF10


A supercar that makes an’insane’ 2080hp is what Arash claims its AF10 to be. With a turbocharged 6.2 liter V8 engine that makes 900hp and a host of electric power that make it go upto the said number, the Arash might as well be scarily fast than any other hypercar out there. Sorry to disappoint, it simply isn’t. 0-100kmph in 2.8 seconds is fast, but not better than the fast cars it is expected to take on. Top speed is 323kmph which is not a number that makes sense for a 2080hp car. The car costs $1.55 million and with all those gorgeous specs, it seems like an overkill. We have got to hand it to Arash though. They are a startup making supercars in a playing field that is dominated by manufacturers with millions to throw around. We would love to see them succeed and kick ass.

Apollo Arrow


The Apollo Arrow is the resurrected Gumpert Apollo. It’s just shy off the mark with its 986hp engine. Derived from the Gumpert Apollo which could do all sort of stuff – such as drive upside down in a tunnel, go fast around the Nurburgring – that sort of stuff, the Apollo Arrow is more powerful and has lot more bodywork than its predecessor. Only 100 units will be built, so it is hard to get your hands on this one. Expect it to be pricey as well. We hope the Apollo Arrow will make the transition from Concept to Production seamlessly and in its current form.

Top 5 1000hp Supercars from Geneva Motor Show:

There are our top 5 1000hp supercars from the Geneva Motor Show. Which one these hypercars is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. If you like this story, recommend it to your friends and fellow petrolheads!


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