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Top 5 1000hp Supercars at the Geneva Motor Show

All the hullabaloo around the Geneva Motor Show has died down and we are still trying to stop our heads from reeling after seeing some insane hypercars being displayed But we couldn’t help but want to look at all of them one more time. It seemed too much work to read everything on its own, so why not read about all of them at once. Here are the top 5 cars being showcased at the Geneva Motor Show that pack a massive punch and turn our heads doing so. Check out the top 5 1000hp supercars from the Geneva Motor Show.

Bugatti Chiron


If you expected us to start somewhere else… duh. Where else would be a better place to start than the Bugatti Chiron? The latest hypercar from the Bugatti stable and the successor to the much spoken about Veyron, the Chiron packs an insane nearly 1500hp. The Veyron was a technological marvel when it was showcased back in the day and the Chiron is no exception. There is the familiar W16 8.0 liter engine that churns out 1479hp and 1600Nm of torque. The peak torque is generated at a low 2000rpm and it stays put until maximum horsepower is delivered at 6500rpm. A full 3 seconds quicker than the Veyron in reaching 300kmph, the Chiron is badass. Top speed is 439kmph. If there was a word to describe beastly, the Chiron might as well be it.

The fact that it has 10 radiators, the biggest clutch to be found in a production car and a lot of hoo-haa’s, the Chiron is one wonderful piece of technology. You will want to check out some more amazing facts about the Bugatti Chiron.

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