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Top 10 Motorcycle Racing Circuits of All Time

5: Monza, Italy (111 races)


While Monza does not host MotoGP anymore, it hosted the Italian GP from 1949 – 1971. It reappeared on the scene several times since then, but that was sporadic.  The last race was hosted in 1987. Monza would host sometimes 4 or 5 different classes each weekend and that is what puts it at #5 in the list. It has been more closely associated with World Superbikes  and Formula 1 than GPs now and therefore makes the cut for top 10 motorcycle racing circuits in the world.

4: Isle of Man (114 races)


A road racing circuit renowned for the sheer speed and daredevil racing, you have to go back to the middle ages to see any premier class racing here. But from 1949 – 1976, the Mountain, as it is called was part of the FIM calendar and vital to the series. Those days, there would be 4 classes – 125cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc. Now, MotoGP riders will shudder at the thought of racing here. While it may not be part of the MotoGP racing calendar anymore, it’s certainly worth being mentioned for its historical significance in our list of top 10 motorcycle racing circuits of all time.

3: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (129 races)


Spa-Francorchamps is probably my favorite circuit. The point where you go up the hill before the long radius right hander and then reappearing on the crest towards the main straight has been one of my favorite sights. I have often sat on the grandstands and watched racers go all out on the main straight, or weave their way up the hill. Some nasty crashes too. F1 goes here, but MotoGP does not. In fact, the last motorcycle race was 25 years ago. Spa has hosted every premier class motorcycle race since 1949 to 1990. Can you imagine a modern MotoGP bike going racing around here? It would be a treat to watch!

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