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This Video of Grandmas Driving a Lamborghini is Awesome!

It is not every day that you will see a Lamborghini drive past you. What is even rarer is to see a grandma driving one. Not everyone usually cares to see a Lamborghini roll down the streets if they are not car lovers. But when grandmas take a Lamborghini for a spin, it is an instant attention grabber. Check out the video of Grandmas driving a Lamborghini.

They have initial problems of finding the reverse gear, but you have to hand it to them. They find it, and Peggy takes the wheel and Audrey rides shotgun. Their enthusiasm is infectious as they roll the windows down and wave to all the stunned passersby. “We are Lamborghini Queens!” they yell. People are clearly excited and confused to see old women in one of the coolest supercars around. Fact is, you are never too old to drive a Lamborghini!

We wish this video was longer, but take what you get and have fun with it. Next time, I would love to see them take the ‘Ghini, as Audrey calls it and open the throttle on the freeway. That would be interesting.

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