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This Twitter Powered Car Is a Cool Idea!

In the internet era of things, nearly everything can be controlled wirelessly. Your home, your office, your electronic devices and the like. So why not a car? Recently, remote control of a car for specific tasks has been adapted, but controlling a car over the internet? That seems like stuff from a Hollywood movie, or a hacker’s pet project. Here is a car that is powered by Twitter. Yes, you read that right. This Twitter powered car is actually a physical slot car that runs around a game track. The idea is used by Polish video game developer Techland as promotion for its upcoming video game Dying Light: The Following.

twitter-powered-car (1)

The car in question is a Scalextric slot-racing car (a toy car) that runs on a track by way of a battery generator and metal strip conduits in the track. How does the car harness its Twitter power? The car is connected to the internet over WiFi with a Belkin WeMo connected plug to link them. The developers have created an algorithm that searches Twitter for the hashtag ‘#tweetforspeed’. Once the tweet is recognized, the Belkin WeBo device turns the power on and off which helps the car rev up its engine and go around the racetrack. Dying Light: The Following was released on February 9, 2016.


The bigger applications of such a novel idea are immediately apparent. How about a game show where drivers in full-size cars can be motivated with tweets? That should make for some fun competition! Audience engagement should be at an all-time high and Twitter servers should be made sure not to crash!

Vehicular connectivity is one of the trending topics these days. With Google testing their autonomous self-driven car, and Apple planning for one, everyone seems to be hooked to the idea. Car-to-car communication is talked about. While remote-hacking is an ever present concern, for most consumers, the benefits outweigh the risks. What do you think? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Check out the remote control parking feature of the BMW 7-Series and the Tesla Model S. Autonomous control of full-size cars may become a reality sooner than we expect.

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