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This Toyota Supra Drift Compilation Will Give You Goosebumps!

The Toyota Supra is the hearthrob of the drifting community and it is not hard to see why. It has loads of power, there is a ton of aftermarket support and modders out there. It is a rear wheel drive and has a extremely good chassis, to say the least.  It is no wonder that the Supra makes its presence felt in nearly every other drift video that we see. Whether it is drifting down the streets of beautiful St. Petersburg, or the street next to you, the Supra is the drifter’s car. Check out the Toyota Supra drift compilation.

Sometimes, it just feels good to turn off our brains and enjoy some old fashioned drifting. Check out the video of this ridiculously powerful cars making loud noises, burning rubber and shooting flames out the back. The fourth Generation Toyota Supra is the ideal car to fill the role. Five minutes of pure, drifting fun.


There have been rumors of a new Supra doing the rounds like crazy, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The current one is atleast a decade old. Until the brand announces something official, videos like this remind us why the Supra is much loved and why we want another one.

If that got your adrenaline going, check out this video for more Supra drifts!

If car drifts and stunts are more your type, you will want to check out Ken Brock’s Gymkhana 8 going crazy on the streets of Dubai!

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