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This Safety Car Fail Compilation Will Give You The Kicks!

Safety cars are essential in racing. They come on to the track when the race director want to reduce the speed of the cars for safety reasons. The speed of the cars can be reduced for several reasons – be it a crash on a track, or other issues. The aim of the safety car is to enable the clearance of any obstruction under safer conditions, especially for the marshals and/or await more favorable track conditions weather-wise. But what happens when the safety car goes for a bust? Call in another safety car? Stop the race? Today, we’ve got hold of two safety car fail compilation videos that will give you the kicks.

The answer to our earlier questions is up to the race direction but we can tell you one thing: This video of safety car fail compilation video is not something that you will see everyday. Whether it is an ambitious driver who oversees an yellow flag and rams straight into the safety car at the next turn, or overtakes it before being rear-ended, it’s all here. This safety car fail compilation is the second best thing after racing car fails that you will see. Take a look!

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