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This Russian Snow Tank is Wolverine without claws!

The Russians have a thing for snow, little sedans that look like they have seen better days before coming out of the production line and insane and absurdly capable off-road vehicles. Now, they have gone ahead and started converting their trucks into tanks that can bulldoze their way through anything and everything. Literally. Check out the Russian snow tank!

One Russian engineer Pavel Shavrin from Magnitogorsk has made his own, home-grown commuter tank. It is a marriage of snow, crappy sedan and insanely capable truck. The humble Lada that is transformed into the land-crushing vehicle is dubbed the ‘Wolverine’. It looks like something that could’ve been used in the Mad Max movie, only with a little more craziness added to it. (Mad Max: Fury Road was kickass. If a dystopian world has those kind of trucks and vehicles, at least us auto enthusiasts have something forward to look forward to!)


According to Pavel, he built this junkyard monster in six months with 100,000 roubles, which is a little over $1,300. The tank tracks are from one of the Ural manufacturing companies. Don’t expect this thing to go fast. It tops out at 31 mph (57kmph). Now, if the apocalypse is upon me, I would want to face it with this truck (since I cannot outrun it).

Take a look at the video of the tank barging its way through snow in somebody’s backyard. Now, imagine taking it to some hardcore places and tearing the ground up! Hopefully, someone will post a video of that soon.

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