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This Motorcycle Drag Racing is the Best Thing You Will See Today!

What would you expect in motorcycle drag racing? Lots of smoke, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber and some heart stopping exhaust notes as both bikes battle to the finish line. Well, this is not your usual drag race. This is something else.

It is normal for drag engines to break down or blow up. Just take a look at the most expensive drag engine fails. The thing is, these engines knock up after the drag starts, Not before! What I didn’t expect in this video is that the engines of both the competing bikes break down before even getting off the line! Okay, engine break down. Next drag race please? No! The bikers look oddly confused before they decide to give everyone the show of their lives. They turn the drag race to a foot race, pushing their bikes to the finish line of the Thunder 400 Drag Racing series. While there was no thunder, there was definitely some form of racing here. I cannot believe the race ended the way it did! Take a look!

Check out some drag engine blowups in super slow motion! If that wasn’t sufficient, you should see hoods and parts flying off in this drag race video!

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