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This Honda MSX125 Grom makes an Insane 205 Horsepower!

The Honda MSX125 Grom is a kind of supermoto-moped which straddles the line between motorcycles and scooters. It is fondly referred to as ‘The Modern Monkey’. “Grom” means thunder in various Slavic languages. It is also short for ‘Grommet’ which perhaps suggests that the Grom is intended as a motorcycle for young riders. Now, meet the Honda MSX125 Grom that makes an insane 200 hp!


Meanwhile, over in Thailand, Mario Kleff took the Slavic meaning literally. He swapped the 125cc engine that powers the Grom and put in that of an 1199 Panigale. Yes, you read that right! It is a Honda (apparently) 125 powered by a Ducati 1199 Panigale engine! The ‘Modern Monkey’ is looking like King Kong now.

Grom with panigale engine (4)

The modification has made this puny Honda into a monster, churning in over 200 hp while weighing 137 kg in all. The hp-to- kg curb weight ratio is greater than 1. The dream equation, which was previously deemed impossible seems to have been shattered again. First it was the Koenigsegg One:1 that did it (which is a different story altogether). Now, it is this puny monster on two wheels. But, we love such aftermarket jobs as this one!

Grom with panigale engine (7)

A stock Honda MSX125 Grom has the following specifications:

Engine capacity: 124.9cc
Total weight: 102 kg
Horsepower: 9 hp
Top speed: 105 kmph

Honda MSX125 Grom with the Panigale engine is:

Engine capacity: 1199cc
Total weight: 137 kg
Horsepower: 205 hp
Top speed: 320 kmph+

Now, would it wheelie in the 6th gear? Who knows! I would not want to try. There is also a turbocharged variant of this 200 hp beast. What it is capable of, I do not even want to guess!

Do you think you would want to have a go with this motorcycle? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Take a look at our gallery for more pictures of this crazy motorcycle!

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