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This Formula E 360 Degrees Video Will Blow Your Mind!

Formula E may not be for the true petrolhead, given that it does not have the conventional power unit like its sibling F1 does. With fans these days wanting more noise from the car and more action on the track, Formula E with its gentle whirring sound may not be as much fun. But if you think it’s not as much fun as the fire breathing F1 cars then your not only mistaken but are also in for a pleasant surprise. Check out the Formula E 360 degrees video from the Buenos Aires race!

Formula E

There is a good number of overtakes, crashes and celebrations. While fast racing can be disorienting due to the narrow viewpoint of cameras, this 360 degree cameras riding on top of these electric cars takes things to the next level.

While 360-degree videos are best viewed through VR headsets, this one will leave you wanting for more. Stick a bunch of 350 degree cameras into a fast paced wheel-to-wheel race and it might just be the thing that Formula One so badly needs today! Check out the video below of the Formula E race at Buenos Aires. You will not be disappointed.

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