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This Dodge Viper is a Colorful Mess at The Chicago Auto Show

Dodge Viper announced its new Dodge Viper 1 of 1 program earlier this year. The program offers buyers the opportunity to customize their Dodge Viper with over 25 different million combinations. There are 8,000 paint schemes, 24,000 hand painted stripe patterns, 10 wheel options and 16 interior trims to choose from. The possibilities for personalization are unlimited. This gives the unique opportunity for Dodge Viper owners to make their cars their own.


For this exclusivity, the price starts with $94,995 for the Viper GTC, which is $10000 above the base model’s starting price. It includes any and all exterior paint, interior, and wheel selections. Any customization can be chosen without having to worry about the increasing price. It is difficult to recall any automaker offering this level of absurd personalization and customer pampering for such a relatively low price.

pic: carxmotor.com

With the unlimited number of customizations that can be possible, it is quite possible that things can get a bit out of hand and a little weird. The particular 1 Of 1 Dodge Viper that is shown here does not really look all that bad. It looks strange. It looks like a peacock mated with a Pit-Viper and the Dodge Viper with this color job was the result. Regardless, that won’t stop you from driving at speeds faster than 200mph. The rims look gorgeous though, in my opinion.

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pic: automobilesreview.com

Dodge also gives the general public access to the car’s customization tool which was launched on DriveSRT.com. Get ready to see some ugly cars in the midst of some gorgeously customized Vipers that would be ready to bite. What do you think of this Viper? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Take a look at the video:

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