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These Pirelli World Challenge Cars are simply wacky!

If there is one place that you want to see some of the weirdest and the wackiest cars in the United States, it has got to be the Pirelli World Challenge.  The adoption of the global GT3 and the GT4 specs has brought the series some rare and bizarre cars that you would rarely see. There are cars from the Honda-Accord coupes and the Nissan GT-Rs to the KTM X-Bows to the cars that look like space ships or alien ships from the Marvel movies. Some of them are fascinating and intriguing pieces of engineering art that can go fast and wow onlookers at the same time.

For example, check out the KTM X-Bow below. While it used to be an open-top track day fighter, for racing duty, it gets a big, swinging canopy. The car is bare bones on the inside, as you would expect from KTM’s track toy. The giant hinge and the roll cage tubing give away that it is something a little more special. The roof looks spectacular and probably one of the most impressive. Check out the crazy Pirelli World Challenge Cars!

KTM xbow_2

KTM xbow_3

The back of the car looks like a spaceship. They are very quick, with the No.12 KTM posting the fastest lap time in the GTS-Class practice session of the weekend at 2:29:509. It was piloted by Dore Chaponick Jr.

KTM xbow_6

KTM xbow_5

KTM xbow_1

Check out some of the other cars from the Pirelli World Challenge in the next page!

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