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Is This The World’s Ugliest Supercar?

Exotics and luxury sportscars are not uncommon in the wealthy streets of the Gulf countries. It is probably not uncommon to drive past a rare Ferrari that looks set to break the sound barrier or a Lamborghini that is about to catch on fire. While most of these supercars are imported from Europe, that might be about to change. Meet the world’s ugliest supercar. It’s called the Elibriea.


The Elibriea is a new concept and built almost entirely in Qatar. The prototype is built to resemble that of a stealth fighter jet. It was unveiled at the 16th Annual Qatar motor Show in Doha. While the technical specifications of the car are not announced yet, the Elibriea is powered by a V8 engine that makes 525 horsepower and has a six-speed sequential gearbox. Not bad for the world’s ugliest supercar.

The Eiberiea was almost two years in the works, although the basic designs were in the works over a decade ago. The designer, 27-year Abdul Wahab Ziaullah is a graduate of Texas A&M’s branch in Doha. The world’s ugliest supercar Elibriea has received substantial backing from Qatar’s National Research Fund and the Ali Bin Ali Group, a local business group in Doha.

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The Elibriea’s futuristic design and the “Made in Qatar” stamp has impressed many visitors at the Auto Show. Not everybody is a fan, however. The sharp edges on the front and the rear of the Eiberiea have provoked strong comments online. It has been called “hideous” and “atrocious”, and the question “Is it the world’s ugliest supercar?” has been doing the rounds. The Elibriea has been compared to the Lamborghini Veneno, a rare supercar that was once described as the “ugliest car of all time”. You cannot drive this thing with any hopes of blending in and standing out in the crowd doesn’t give you a good feeling either.


The heat is on for Qatar’s first homegrown supercar. What will be remaining at the end, is anybody’s guess. With all that money in the middle east, one would expect them to have hired a better designer! What do you think? Do you feel it is the world’s ugliest supercar of all time or its pretty okay for a first attempt? Let us know in the comments below.

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