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World’s Smallest V8 Engine Made From Paper Is Incredible!

This is the world’s smallest V8 engine today and it’s entirely made out of paper! Yes, that is right. Youtuber Alaiksei Zholner built this miniscule V8 engine from paper and from scotch tape. A real V8 engine can weigh upwards of 600 pounds, but this V8 engine would barely register on the scale. It is slightly larger than a ping pong ball and fits inside the plastic container found inside a kinder egg.

World's smallest V8 Engine-paper-engine-v8-worlds smallest

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This tiny engine has a piston stroke of 6 mm and cylinders that are only 5.5 mm in diameter. The coolest part about the engine is that it actually works! Not on fuel obviously, considering it is made out of paper and tape. However, it hums along when a supply of compressed air is connected to it. The scotch tape helps reduce friction on the valves.  The engine incorporates a paper throttle that effectively contains the speed of the engine.

World's smallest V8 Engine-v8-paper-engine-roaring

World’s smallest V8 engine will probably be one of the coolest things you would see all day.  Now, I want to see a paper car powered by this engine. It would be really awesome to see a Ferrari or Lamborghini completely built out of paper sporting a V8 paper engine inside it.

World’s smallest V8 Engine Video

Aliaksei Zholner also built a working V6 engine from paper! Think you can make something similar from paper? Check out Yamaha’s paper craft models of the 2007 R1, the YZR M1 and many more!

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