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The World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter is Here!

The Isle of Man is famous for motorcycles and riders hurling themselves on public streets at speeds of over 200mph. Speed is a normal and necessary part of life on this island. So it makes sense to do your shopping at high speeds to. This is possible now that the world’s fastest mobility scooter has been built on the Island.

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Two mechanics from the Island, David Anderson and Mathew Hine spent six months designing and building their mobility scooter (The one that you will find in a supermarket often). Their aim was to go for the fastest mobility scooter world record. The world record was set at 82.67 mph by Klaus Nissen Petersen of Denmark in 2012. That record has been blown away now. The new mobility scooter by the duo has set a new world record of 107.6 mph. Mathew Hine raced the modified scooter to glory over three runs at the Jurby Motodrome in the Isle of Man. The speed record was measured as an average over a quarter of a mile.

The world record creating scooter started out its life as a Days Strider mobility scooter that had a top speed of 8mph. The chassis of the modified scooter is modified from a racing go-kart frame with a Suzuki 600cc Bandit motorcycle engine for power. The wheels and tires are from the go-kart as well. The original wheels would never be able to hold out for speeds this modified scooter was about to hit.


According to the authorities “Guinness World Records guidelines state that the scooter has to be based on an existing, commercially available mobility aid. The engine may be modified or replaced in a way that seems suitable to gain a higher speed – but from the outside the vehicle must appear like a traditional motorscooter.”


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pic: bbc.co.uk


Unfortunately, this scooter cannot help you do your shopping at high speeds. Vehicle registration is not possible. Still, imagine going around the mountain course on this pocket rocket and looking at the expression on people’s faces. Priceless.

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