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The Sweet Honda Grom is an Evil Streetfighter

The Honda Grom is the monkey motorcycle that we all know and love. We also know that it is aware of taking many different avatars, much like a shapeshifter. Just think of the 205 hp Ducati Panigale Powered Grom that made it King Kong. Now, here is another avatar of the Honda Grom in which it is seriously evil. It looks mean, and it looks like it has landed from the future. Honda Grom is an evil streetfighter and you can see it now.


Mad Industries, a car and motorcycle customizing outfit located in Corta Mesa, California, takes the sassy Honda and transforms it into an alien Streetfighter! With plenty of experience in souping up Groms, the folks at Mad Industries knew what they were doing.The lateral bodywork panels were removed. A new tank which looks like that of a superbike was fabricated and integrated into the custom frame. This custom frame was built from scratch and complemented with a bespoke sub frame and a upswept solo seat with a racing-esque, super bike tail piece.


Added to the custom frame and tank was a longer swing arm with ohlins suspension at the front and the rear, and Brembo brake calipers. The modifications give the Grom a meaty profile and it is definitely inspired by the aggressive streetfighters of today (The Ducati Streetfighter comes to mind).  Other customization work included the removing of the original airbox and replacing it with a conical filter. A carbon chin spoiler at the bottom and a Brock’s silencer give this mad machine a little “more” presence on the street. While the lighter Grom Streetfighter looks more beautiful, the dark Grom Streetfighter features the bold headlights at the front giving it a futuristic alien look which is definitely my favorite!


This is one Grom that will get you the chicks. The only question is this: How will you take them home? Perhaps you should opt for the darker sibling instead.

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