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The Opel GT Concept Video is the Best Thing You Will See Today

The Opel GT Concept aka “The Baby Corvette” will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show on March 1st. Opel has revealed the GT concept via pictures over the last few months in the run up to the Geneva Motor Show. Now, before its world premiere, Opel presents the concept in a meaningful video. Check out the Opel GT Concept video.


It starts as a dream. The car gradually takes shape, and passes into real life. Finally, the dream transforms into a real, proper sports car, opens its doors and invites the fan to drive it into a city that is lit up. In one particular sequence, the original 1965 GT can be seen creating a bridge between Opel’s past and future. “If you can dream it, you can create it” – It is a very eloquent message and it reminds us why cars something beautiful and sensual.

The Opel GT Concept shows many futuristic features while it mains it form. The exterior has a flawless single body design to it, without the presence of any exterior elements. The interior has a complete lack of switches and creates a very unique feel. The GT Concept also gets a very interesting feature – The Human Machine Interface. This interface is capable of learning the driver’s habits and preferences and tailor its behavior accordingly. It is capable of playing the driver’s favorite music, setting the cabin temperature to a preferred level and send useful messages about traffic and driving.

If you were thinking about how the Opel GT concept would look on the road, take a look at this video to find out.

The Opel GT Concept is a stunning piece of automotive work. Read more about the features of this amazing concept. Take a look at the interior of the Opel GT Concept with these stunning pictures. It is truly a car from the future.

Opel GT Concept Image Gallery:

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