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The NFS Porsche Build is Collaboration at its Finest

EA’s Need for Speed is synonymous with its fast cars, street racing, and customization appeal. It has seen a complete generation fall in love with racing and cars from the time they have got their hands on a computer. It is the most successful racing video game series in the world. Over the years, the franchise has gotten bigger and bolder (if not necessarily better). It has experimented, it has failed, and it has produced some absolutely unique takeaways in between (Take Shift 2: Unleashed, for example. I loved the sim driving on it. The Run, while not great on a lot of things, was great on the concept and the way the environment and cars were fleshed out. Hot Pursuit was pure fun). Now Need for Speed is coming up with a new game and they have created a one-of-a-kind Porsche to coincide with the release. Meet the NFS Porsche build.


The popularity of air-cooled Porsches have skyrocketed in the recent years in popularity and value. The popularity is driven by collectors who want to keep their 911s as original as possible and part by builders, racers and customizers. Names like RWB, Urban Outlaw and Bisimoto are synonymous with the latter. Now, NFS has created their one-of-a-kind Porsche by collaborating with these three very high profile builders. The result is a clear modern machine with a unique touch and a need for speed.


It is not just these three builders that were involved. The fourth collaborators were us, the gamers. (Yes, I game too!). NFS games are noted for their customization value and the ability of gamers to come up with some utterly stunning (and some utterly fun and ridiculous) custom cars. With this in mind, the developers asked us gamers to help choose the components that would be used in the car using the customization tool and parts selection from within the game.

pic: speedhunters|Larry Chen

The end result is a car that taps deep into the philosophy of Need for Speed, and takes a look at how gamers and car builders can come together to create a unique creation. Take a look at the video that digs deeper inside the project itself.

NFS Porsche Build Image Gallery:

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Need for Speed. Street racing, customization, fast and exotic cars. That is what we need!

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