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The F1 Constructors Champions in History

Vanwall (1 F1 Constructors Champions title)

Stirling Driving

Vanwall won its first and only constructors title in 1958. The team had the distinction of building the first british car that would win a world championship race. They won the inaugural constructors championship in 1958. The team ceased racing in 1961.


BRM (1 title)


British Racing Motors was founded in 1945. It participated in the F1 world championship from 1950 to 1977. It won the Constructor’s championship in 1962 with driver Graham Hill. The team finished strongly in the 1963, 64, 64 and 71 seasons with second in the constructor standings.

The team folded in 1978 after with a failure of their cars to create any notable success.


Matra (1 F1 Constructors Champions title)

Matra initially started racing in the Formula 3 and the Formula 2 series in the mid 60s and enjoyed much success. It entered F1 with driver Jackie Stewart in 1968. Using innovative aviation inspired fuel tanks that allowed the car to be lighter and stronger than its competitiors and won the constructors title in 1969. Matra holds the distinction of becoming the only constructor to win the title without running its own work’s team. This was due to the fact that it focused its efforts on Ken Tyrrell’s team which was renamed Matra International.


Tyrrell Racing (1 F1 Constructors Champions title)

Entering Formula one in 1958, the team experienced its greatest success in the 1970s, winning the constructors world championship in 1971 with driver Jackie Stewart who went on to win the drivers’ championship three times. The team was founded by Ken Tyrrell.


The team continued racing into the early 1980s, but did not enjoy as much success. It competed in its final season in 1998.

Benetton (1 F1 Constructors Champions title)


Originally a sponsor for Tyrell Racing in 1983 followed by Alfa Romeo in 1984 and 1985 before sponsoring Toleman in 1985, the Benetton Formua One team was formed at the end of 1985. The team achieved its greatest success with driver Michael Schumacher who got 19 out of the 27 wins for the team and the Constructor championship in 1995.

The team was sold to Renault in 2000 and competed in its final season in 2001.

Brawn GP (1 F1 Constructors Champions title)


Brawn GP Formula One Team was created by the management buyout of the Honda racing F1 team. It only competed in the 2009 season, and went on to win the Constructor’s championship. Driver Jenson Button took the driver’s championship. Mercedes eventually brought out the team in 2010 and renamed it to Mercedes GP.

The team’s success of winning both the titles in its first and only year of competition earned it the distinction of achieving a 100% championship success rate.

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