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The F1 Constructors Champions in History

Renault (2 titles)


Formula One World Constructor champions in 2005 and 2006, Renault returned to F1 as a constructor for the 2016 season. Renault’s first involvement in F1 was in 1977 and its car, the Renault RS01 became well known for its Renault-Gordini V6 1.5L turbocharged engine. It was extremely powerful but unreliable. The team withdrew from racing in 1985 after the company took the decision to retire from full-fledged racing and remain as an engine supplier for the 1986 season. After that, it withdrew entirely.

renault F1

Renault supplied engines to various teams in the V8 era, the most dominant of which was the Red Bull racing team. It powered the team to 4 consecutive constructor championships. In 2015, Renault acquired the struggling Lotus F1 team and returns as a constructor for the 2016 season.

Cooper (2 titles)

With their rear-engined Formula 1 car, cooper started the rear-engine revolution and won their first constructors championship in 1959. The Cooper team was founded by Charles Cooper and his son John Cooper in December 1947. Once every manufacturer started building F1 cars with rear-engines, they became technologically more advanced and this resulted in the decline of Cooper’s F1 success.

Formula One World Championship

The team was sold in April 1965 and has not been involved in F1 since. Due in part to Cooper’s legacy, Britain remains the home of a thriving racing industry. The Cooper name lives on in the Cooper versions of the Mini that are still built in England.

cooper Phill Hill

Brabham (2 titles)

Founded in 1960 by Australians Jack Brabham and designer Ron Tauranac, Brabham is a British outfit. With a 30 year F1 history and 2 constructor world championships, the team is the only one to have such an achievement using a car that bears the driver’s own name.


Brabham was the largest manufacturer of over 500 single seater racing cars for customers. Their cars were hugely successful, winning races in F1, Formula 2 and Formula 3.

The Brabam team remained a dominant force until 1970 before the team was brought over by Ron Tauranac. It was taken over by Bernie Eccelstone in 1972. Financial difficulties meant that the team ceased competing in 1992. Brabham introduced many innovations sun as in-race refueling, hydropneumatic suspension and carbon-carbon brakes.


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