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The F1 Constructors Champions in History

Lotus (7 titles)

The motorsport sister company of English Sports cars manufacturer, Team Lotus was one of the most successful racing teams of all time. With Colin Chapman at the helm as team director and chief designer, Team Lotus was a forerunner in developing innovative and experimental in F1. Lotus dominated in the 60s and the 70s, winning the F1 world title in 1963, 65, 68 and 70, powered by drivers such as Sir Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Graham Hill and the likes.


Lotus won the Constructors championship again in 1972 and finally in 1978. In 1994, Lotus retired from Formula One after its last race at the Australian Grand Prix. The team faced increasing debts and were unable to develop their car and were unable to get competitive engines.


Lotus returned to F1 in 2010 as Lotus-Renault GP and in 2012, renamed itself to Lotus F1. In 2016, the team was brought by Renault and renamed as Renault F1 after the French manufacturer and engine supplier returned to the sport as a constructor.

Red Bull (4 titles)

FORMULA 1 – Red Bull Racing studio photo shoot

One of the most dominant teams of the V8 era, Red Bull won the Constructors champion a straight 4 times between 2010 and 2013. It was the first Austrian team to win the title. Red Bull arrived in F1 in 2005 backed by Ferrari power and secured their first podium finish in Mexico. In 2007, they switched over to Renault engines. This makes Red Bull a highly competitive contender amongst other F1 Constructors Champions.

Red Bull also introduced the quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel. In 2013, premium automotive brand Infiniti became the title sponsor for the team and the team renamed itself to Infiniti Red Bull Racing. The arrival of the V6 hybrid engines era spelt the end of the run for Red Bull. The domination of Mercedes and the under-performing Renault engines, Red Bull had a relatively lack luster season with few victories. In 2015, the team did not win any race


Red Bull is looking forward to bounce back in F1 once the current regulations have changed. According to the team, their F1 car has nearly achieved its 100% potential in terms of design and engineering.

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