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The F1 Constructors Champions in History

Formula 1 is definitely one of the greatest motor racing spectacles on Planet earth. Not to mention the recent turmoil the sport finds embroiled itself in, it is still a sight to see and experience on the track. It is a fine combination of man and machine, both of whom are responsible for victory. Over the years many fine champions have emerged and etched their names in the history of the sport. They won not only because they were the best drivers, but also because they had the best cars at that time. The F1 Constructors Championship is the award that is given to the team that has the highest points in the season. And usually, it’s the team that has the best car in the season. Continue reading and learn about all the F1 Constructors Champions in history.


While the driver is in control of the car and the outcome of his race, the cars themselves are 60% of the equation (or more). They are pieces of automotive engineering at its finest and it is all down to the team – The Constructor.  Here is a list of all the F1 Constructors Champions in history. The first Formula 1 Constructor championship was awarded in 1958. In the 58 seasons that the championship has been awarded, only 15 different constructors have won it.

Scuderia Ferrari (16 Titles)

The Italian Outfit is the oldest, most successful and arguably one of the most popular teams in F1 today. It has won the F1 constructors championship a record 16 times. It won 6 of them consecutively from 1999 – 2004. Scuderia Ferrari has competed in every World Championship since the 1950 Formula One season.


Michael Schumacher has been the most famous driver for the Italian team, winning 6 consecutive driver championships and world championships.


Scuderia Ferrari won its first constructor’s championship in 1961 with the Ferrari 156. While the team won its last constructors championship in 2008, it is still there at the top of the list to win the title soon, and its time might just be around the corner. The team has 224 race victories and finished 2nd in the 2015 F1 season. Therefore it’s one of the top F1 Constructors Champions in history.


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