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Shocking Dragster Engine Explosions in Super-Slow Motion!

Top Fuel drag racing is serious business in Murica! An extremely well tuned top fuel dragster accelerates from 0 – 320+ mph (515 kmph) in just 4 seconds. That’s totally insane but its also true! Today’s video features dragster engine explosions from different drag racing categories including Top Fuel and Funny Car. When that 12000+ hp engine blows off, it doesn’t always end well but it does look pretty. Fireworks everywhere!

It’s common for dragster engines to blow up at such a high level of ultra competitive drag racing. These engines need more than 300 hp just to spin their superchargers. When they blow they need ‘Engine Diapers’ to keep their parts them in place. We’re not kidding, ‘Engine Diapers‘ exist, take a look at the photo. There’s even a professional company that makes them.


Can you imagine what the driver must be thinking in his head when his motor goes flying over his head into the orbit? But, remember that this is one of the purest forms of motorsports. These guys have gigantic balls to be able to sit tight through this and not stain their underpants. By the way, the slow-motion in high-definition looks spectacular!

Dragster engine explosions video:

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