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Rejoice! Honda CRF250 Rally Concept is going into production!

The Honda CRF250 Rally is one of the most awaited bikes from the Honda stable in the dirtbike category. The Honda CRF250 Rally is based on the Honda CRF250L but has several bits on it from the famous competition spec CRF450 Rally. Honda has now officially called the CRF250 Rally Concept as a prototype and we are likely to see it going on sale in North America towards the end of 2016 as the 2017 model. It was evident from the time the Honda took the wraps off this bike that it would see the light of day. Besides, it’s just too good looking a motorcycle and looks mighty capable too!


Honda CRF250 Rally brings some of the goodies from it’s elder sibling. It has the same color scheme, twin LED headlamps and gets the tall windscreen as well. It also brings a 10 liter fuel tank and a side fairing along with the Termigoni exhaust, larger-dia Showa forks and Renthal handlebars. We’re not certain of the changes that will be made to the production version but we hope that it brings some of these things to the table when it goes on sale.


Anyone who loves riding in the dirt knows that a proper two-wheeled mudslinger has to be light weight and enduro market has seen very good growth in recent times. This has prompted Honda to invest a lot of time and money into its rally raid efforts. For us enthusiasts, it feels good to be seeing motorcycles like the ‘Honda CRF250 Rally prototype’ going into production. Anyone who’s complained that the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin adventure bike is too heavy to enjoy in the trails then you better start saving up for this one now!

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