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Sticky: Product Review: Resonate ChargePLUS Motorcycle USB Charger ‒ All you need to know!


Resonate ChargePLUS motorcycle USB charger is perfect solution for tourers who love wandering on their motorcycle. It’s an excellent investment with all your other touring accessories. If you are planning a trip to Ladakh or a weekend camping getaway, mount this on your motorcycle to charge your electronics quickly and effortlessly anywhere. The cable is long enough to come inside your tent when you are camping — rather innovative way of using it, don’t you think?

Resonate ChargePLUS Motorcycle USB Charger Technical Specifications:

  • WaterProofing: All Weather Waterproof Charger w/IPX7 Certification
  • Included Accessories: Charging Cables – MicroUSB for Android, Lightning for Apple Devices worth INR 799.
  • Input Voltage: Works with all Bike batteries of 12v-24v
  • Maximum Output Current: 2A
  • USB Output Voltage: 4v 
  • Product Certifications: FCC, CE, RoHS, IPX7 Certified
  • Automotive Grade: NVH Tested, Abrasive Resistance, Durable Alloy with Rugged All Weather Design.
  • Safety Protection Circuits: Safeguards your battery and devices.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Unit Wire: 3 mts lenght and Certified Fire resistant.

Resonate ChargePLUS Motorcycle USB Charger Image Gallery:

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We’d also like to Thank Shakib from Moto Ventures for assisting with the shoot.


If you are a motorcyclist who loves touring long distances then ensuring your electronic devices have enough battery to last the day is undoubtedly a major concern. We often find that our mobile phone, , ,  and perhaps even the powerbank used to charge a multitude of devices run out of juice quickly on a long day's ride. Having a reliable power supply on your motorcycle that will charge your device reliably, letting you concentrate on your ride is extremely important! That's where Resonate ChargePLUS motorcycle USB charger comes into the picture to quickly solve this problem faced by motorcyclists everywhere. Resonate is a Bangalore city based company that aims to simplify…
Design, Quality & Features - 9.2
Charging Performance - 9
Price - 7.5
Value For Money - 8.5


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