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Porsche 911 Turbo Catches Fire At New York Auto Show 2016

It is not easy to see one of our favorite cars go up in flames. It is heartbreaking. It was a bad day for the 2016 DUB Show Tour car when their Porsche 911 Turbo catches fire ahead of its 2016 New York Auto Show showcase. Someone caught it on video for everyone to see and anguish over. While it is not clear how the fire started, the video shows smoke pouring out off the 911. The fire seems to have started inside the Jacob Javits Convention center. You can hear workers shouting to each other to get away from the car. While engine trouble is pointed as the likely culprit, no details about the fire have been forthcoming. One chap, who was brave or heartbroken enough, rushed at the sports car with a fire extinguisher.

The good news is, the 911 Turbo does not seem to have had too much damage on the surface. It looks dusty and dirty. But that’s about it. No serious damage or fire incident was reported, according to the New York Fire Department. Any references to the 911’s display at DUB Show Tour’s Instagram page has been removed.

Porsche 911 Turbo Catches Fire

Please, keep some tissues handy.

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