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Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept Debuts at Geneva Motor Show

The Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept debuts at the Geneva Motor Show. The H2 Speed racecar concept uses a hydrogen fuel cell for power and the emissions are only water vapor. The hydrogen tech comes from GreenGT which is well known for its expertise in environmentally friendly performance vehicles.


The Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept has a combined output of 496hp from the two electric motors which are powered by the hydrogen fuel cell. The power is directly sent to the rear wheels without any transmission in the way. The two fuel tanks hold 13.4 pounds of hydrogen. The Pininfarina concept weights at a total of 3131 pounds. The Pininfarina H2 can hit the 0-100kmph mark in 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 299kmph.

The H2 Speed eliminates both noise and air pollution. The compressor in the vehicle gives the engine a special tone that is different from conventional electric cars. Another technology that the H2 Speed packs is rapid refueling. This is not typical in traditional electric cars. A full tank of hydrogen can be filled in only 3 minutes.


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The H2 Speed merges form and function in an aesthetically pleasing way. The external design highlights the vehicle’s sporty outlook and performance. The styling is based on the traditional sports car styling, the lines and shapes offer a powerful outlook to the car. The H2 speed is built on a carbon frame and on the mechanical layout of a high performance sports car. It measures 4700mm long, 1087mm high, 2000mm wide and has a wheelbase of 2900mm. The alloys are from OZ racing. The front features 11×19” alloys and the rear has 12×20”.


The Pininfarina H2 Speed concept may well be the future of how environmentally friendly sports cars would be. Take a look at our gallery below and check out the full features of this green racer!

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Pininfarina H2 Speed Concept Image Gallery:

image credits: Drew Phillips

Pinninfarina H2 Speed Technical Specifications:

Full Power Hydrogen Powertrain
– 2 race electric motors
– 1 lightweight H2 fuel cell
– braking energy regeneration system

– Carbon chassis
– Front and rear wishbone suspension and push rod
– Carbon brakes

– 2 electric synchronous motors with permanent magnet
– Max power: 370 kW @ 13000 rpm (503 Horsepower)

Energy production
– PEMFC Fuel cell 210 kW
– 2 stacks

– Direct transmission to rear wheels (ratio: 1:6.3)
– No clutch / No differential / No gear shifting
– Torque vectoring

 Hydrogen storage
– Tank capacity: 6.1 kg
– 700 bars storage technology
– Autonomy: same as an internal combustion
– Time for refueling: 3 minutes

Braking energy recovering
– Battery 400 V nominal
– Capacity 20 Ah

– Air and water at the exhaust
– No pollution

– 1420 kg with bodywork
– refueling weight modification: only 6.1 kg
– Weight distribution: front 41% / rear 59%

– max speed 300 km/h
– 0 to 100 kmph : 3.4 seconds

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