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Opel GT Concept Makes its Way to Geneva

The Opel GT Concept has made its way to the Geneva Motor Show. We previously brought you the stories on the ‘Baby Corvette’, as it is affectionately known among auto enthusiasts. Now all Opel needs to do is to really build the damn thing. It has never looked as good as it has in the flesh, and we want one!


The GT concept is not all about appearance. It has a curvy profile, a muscular hood, powerful rear haunches and the hood-to-deck ratio is perfect. The GT Concept looks good from all angles. The interiors look clean and light. There are no buttons anywhere. It feels like you are sitting inside the cockpit of some futuristic jet fighter with a steering wheel instead of a stick. The small and square three spoke steering wheel is a fine piece of work in the cabin.

Check out the images of the stunning interior of the GT concept too.


The Opel GT is powered by a turbocharged 3 cylinder engine that makes 143hp and 204Nm of torque. It is not much. It has got far less power and negligibly less torque than the Abarth 124 Spider. But it is light. It weighs just over 2200 pounds. It is a relatively minor issue, and the power deficit can be fixed if a production model ever makes its way.

The exterior of the Opel GT concept is seamless, and every thing is subtle and well integrated. Read more about the Opel GT concept and check out some amazing pictures. While GM has hinted at there being a production model in the future (somewhere in 2017, to be exact), all we can do now is drool over this futuristic looking work of art. Looks like the ‘Baby Corvette’ is all but coming to its own.


Check out our gallery for some amazing pictures of the Opel GT Concept from the Geneva Motor Show. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Check out the interior of the Opel GT Concept. Read a overview of the Opel GT Concept. Check out the videos of the Opel GT Concept.

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image credits: Drew Phillips
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