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Opel GT Concept Interior Pictures Released!

With the Opel GT Concept due to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, Opel has released additional images of the concept. The new photos detail the interior of the concept and show a completely buttonless interior cabin. The ‘baby Corvette’ as the Opel GT concept is fondly known, does not have any conventional buttons or knobs in the cabin. Opel wanted to make the cabin as pure as the body of the car itself. Take a look at the Opel GT Concept interior pictures!

Opel GT Concept

The instrument panel is made from brushed aluminum and has a floating design. The extremities of the instrument panel host round monitors that are shaped to resemble air jets. These are the replacements for the conventional side mirrors. They display footage that is obtained by the side cameras.

Opel GT Concept

The steering wheel has a retro design to it, and pays homage to the original GT concept of the 1960s. The seatbelt retractors are the same color as the front tires; Red. The concept’s functions are accessible via voice control and also from a touchpad that is mounted on the center of the dashboard. According to Opel, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is adaptable and it automatically adjusts itself to the person behind the wheel.

Opel GT Concept$

Opel GT Concept

The instrument cluster features two round dials that are actually projection surfaces and can be backlit in several colors. They display a variety of information about the car. The interior concept is an evolution from the Opel Monza Concept and can be configured to the driver’s preferences.

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The GT Concept will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. According to Opel, the production version of the GT concept might be shown in 2018 to commemorate the original GT’s 50th anniversary. While the German car maker has not commented on the rumor, it is likely that more details will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in a few days’ time.

Take a look at our gallery for more stunning interior pictures of the Opel GT Concept.

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