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Nissan X-Trail Premium Concept to be Showcased at Geneva

Nissan is set to showcase a pair of customized crossovers at the Geneva Motor Show. C-SUVs seem to be the latest fad in the automobile world and Nissan hopes to gain more attention with its latest crossovers. The Nissan Qashqai and the X-Trail customized C-SUVs will be showcased at Geneva.  The Nissan X-Trail Premium Concept has some interesting paintwork and design cues. It also gets interior upgrades and an added design flair.


According to Nissan, the X-Trail is targeted for the ‘Premium Adventurist’. While it can be hard to imagine the X-Trail doing little more than kicking up some dust on some dirt paths, Nissan’s Global Design Center in Japan sees the X-Trail as “pushing boundaries and exploring creative solutions to fulfill the broad range of the needs of aspirational customers in Europe.” Looks like Nissan is hoping its ‘Premium Adventurist’ will take the car on mountain adventures in the Alps or the Pyrenees.

The Nissan X-Trail Premium concept looks swanky. It gets matte gold accents, carbon fiber accent on the hood and 20-inch wheels. While it remains likely that the concept will never make it to production, it still turns heads and garners attention. If Nissan gets some good reviews at Geneva, expect a similar package appearance sold in limited numbers.


While details about the powerunit are not known at the moment, it can be speculated that the concept C-SUV will probably powered by a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine, or a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder, or a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine. Transmission will be a 6-speed manual and CVT. The CVT will come with 6 preset ‘gear ratios’ for manual style shifting. The X-Trail also offers 4WD. Nissan’s system is called All-Mode 4×4-i. The system continually monitors wheel slippage and sends power where it is best needed. This will allow the X-Trail to navigate slippery terrain such as snow, slick mud and sand. The concept C-SUV should feature the system as well.

The X-Trail concept features some pretty unique looks. The base color is a matte white, with a faux carbon fiber wrapped hood with a grey center accent. The rims feature a glossy black finish. The side mirrors feature a silver accent that matches Nissan’s V-Motion grille design. A golden copper color is prominent on the lower front bumper, the rocker sill plates, fender flairs and the wheels.

On the interior, the upholstery is premium lather with a tan and black scheme. There is something called a “cloud effect” design on the headrests and the side of the seats. What that is, we have to wait to find out. The seating is accentuated with Ultrasuede gold pearl leather piping on the center section and seat backs. The dashboard and good panels feature black carbon fiber finishing with a matt and dark chrome shade. Expect a seven seat design on the inside.


The Nissan X-Trail concept will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show on the first of March. We cannot wait to see this concept C-SUV in the flesh in a few days’ time.

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