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9 Driver Safety Technologies to Improve Driving Experience

Electronics in cars have become synonymous with driver safety technologies and assist systems. Autonomous and self-driving cars are poised to become a reality sooner than we expect. It is only natural that driver safety technologies are improved and newer technologies are aggressively introduced. There are a number of models already on the market that are capable of driving hundreds of miles on the highway with minimal human input. While the law requires the system to disengage if the driver doesn’t touch the steering wheel often, the capability exists nonetheless.

Here are the driver safety technologies that are synonymous with cars today.

Lane Keeping Assist


Relying upon cameras in the housing around the rearview mirror, the system can read between the lines on the road ahead and keep the car placed between them. The top-of-the-line models have Lane Keeping Assist systems that can even negotiate curves. This is another way of saying ‘Self steering’.

Smart Cruise Control


This technology uses either lasers or RADAR to determine the distance between your car and the car that is in front. Once you set the maximum speed of your car (say 65mph), the system will keep the limit. If the car in front of you is going at, say 62mph, the system will keep your car going at 62mph too. If the car in front slows down, your car will slow down too. If the car in front comes to a stop, your car will stop too. The top-of-the-line systems will get your car moving again when the leading car moves. This is handy in traffic jams and busy sections of the highway when traffic is crawling at a snail’s pace.

Collision Avoidance and Mitigation


Collision avoidance systems ‘look out’ ahead of your car. If they determine that you are approaching a stationary object at speed, they warn you. If you do not take any action, the brake, slowing the car down as much as possible just before impact to reduce the severity of the crash.

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