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Man Gets High and Leads Police on a 100 Mile Car Chase

While Marijuana is being legalized in many states in the USA, there are some southern states where smoking the greens, or even possession of it is considered an offence. That did not stop one Mr. Jonathan Davis from getting high and leading Texas police on a 100-mile high speed chase from Rockwell to Waco, Texas.

26 year old Jonathan Davis was ‘tired of getting arrested for weed’ and preferred getting arrested for evading arrest and driving while high instead of being arrested for possession. He managed to cause quite an uproar, by driving on the wrong side of the road, on the shoulder, and charged through a fence before police had to resort to a combination of spike-strips and gunfire to stop him. In the meantime, Davis was getting his smoke on and putting his life, the lives of the police, and everyone else around him at risk.

On top of the driving and getting high, Davis maintained that he was Instagramming and Snapchatting throughout the chase. The claim has not been verified though. Davis does not seem too bothered by the fact that he is probably going to be spending a long time in a Texas jail. “It was definitely a thrill. You go fast in any car, race car track, it’s fun anywhere. I am an adrenaline junkie” That may, or may not be true, but he was a junkie for sure. Tennesse, The State of Texas thanks you.

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