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Lewis Hamilton Snapchats, Ecclestone Complains

Lewis Hamilton has never been one to be a stickler for rules, especially if they do no benefit him. Hamilton is the reigning Formula One World Champion. He is not the traditional, modern F1 driver in the true sense. His social media updates and his Instagram page seem like he is living the life Barry Sheene and James Hunt did in their heyday, even if it is a little toned down. Lewis Hamilton snapchats regularly, posting videos from the paddock and the pitlane. That, unfortunately, seems to have irked F1 head honcho and supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Lewis Hamilton Snapchats
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It is not that Bernie Ecclestone, who is famously prickly and opinionated Ecclestone has a problem with Snapchat. He is famously dismissive about social media. He is not interested in Facebook or twitter, and refers to them as nonsense. It is just that he is more interested in protecting his profits. He is F1’s commercial rights holder and money is quite important to him when compared to growing his brand. We all know the troubles F1 has had in the recent past, but Bernie would give two hoots about it and move on. With television broadcasters paying big bucks to film inside the pit lane, he doesn’t want Hamilton shooting footage and sharing it online for free.

Lewis Hamilton Snapchats

Ecclestone has sent word to the Mercedes F1 team to inform Hamilton to stop posting Snapchat videos filmed in the pitlane on his iPhone. Looks like Hamilton received the message and gave two hoots about it anyway. On Friday, the F1 champion posted a Snapchat video of him walking down pitlane and into the team’s garage at Bahrain. Lewis Hamilton Snapchats regularly but with his attitude for orders that do not benefit him and Ecclestone’s penchant for getting his way, something tells me that this is not the last confrontation between F1’s defending champion and its chief executive. What will it come down to? Only time will tell.

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