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Is This The World’s Most Beautiful Engine Ever?

This century old car might have the most beautiful engine that was ever made. The 1914 GN is powered by a prototype 1908 airplane engine from the British Company, ‘JAP.’ The air cooled engine has a beautiful mix of undulating shapes. The design leaves the mechanical parts exposed for anyone to see, and it looks like sculpture sitting in the vintage car chassis. It also makes a wonderful clatter!

pic: imgur.com

According to the owner Richard Scaldwell, this might be the only running example of this engine in the world. The rest of them are in museums. The fact that everything on the engine is outside and is air-cooled makes it the mechanical heart look simply beautiful. The GN has a wooden chassis as was the norm those days. Steel chassis were only adapted after the first World War.

chassis 1914 GN1
pic: stefanmarjoramphotography

According to Richard, “It is completely responsive, completely joyful and completely forgiving.”
pic: stefanmarjoramphotography

The GN looks beautiful and in my opinion, quite unique with its Cyclops headlight that stares out from the center grille. According to Richard, this century old car is very simple and very easy to drive and he even takes it on journeys to the South of France. This is one incredible Edwardian car that is on the road today.

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