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Insanely Expensive Drag Racing Engine Explosions!

Drag racing cars boast of some of the most insane and very heavy modifications. Several custom parts and heavily tuned engines are the norm here. Built for delivering the fastest time on the quarter mile, these engines are extremely powerful, generating excessive amounts of horsepower. These heavy modifications, custom parts and high rpms can make the engine prone to failures sometimes resulting in expensive drag racing engine explosions.

Whether it’s pistons that kiss the valves and blow right through or engines that catch on fire, it’s all here!

How many dollars worth of damage do you think is in this video? Hint: A lot.

Take a look at the videos below that showcases some of the nastiest engine fails from various drag strips around the USA.

More expensive drag racing engine explosions:

If you thought that was insane, watch the super-slow-mo video of dragster engine explosions. Personally it takes the cake! Would you ever like to be strapped in there and drag racing yourselves? Let us know in the comments!

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