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Insane Motorcycle Racing at Over 200 mph!

The Isle of Man TT is synonymous with road racing. It is one of the most dangerous races on Planet Earth. Once a year, for six days, the population of this tiny island off the west coast of Britain doubles. Motorcycle racing enthusiasts and fans from around the globe arrive in droves to this racing mecca. This is insane motorcycle racing at over 200 mph!


The TT, as it is commonly known, is the oldest race in motorcycle history, 109 years in existence. For the few days in spring, the incessant roar of motorcycle engines can be heard across the island as racers rev up for the main event: the Senior TT. The Isle of Man TT is the loudest, most rawest form of motorcycle racing on the planet, as brave riders compete with each other at break-neck speeds on public roads which are closed off for the event. Light poles, barricades, bumps and jumps are common, as well as sheer drops around the mountain roads that dot the 37.5 mile long loop. With speeds approaching a frightening 130 mph on an average, that is one lap in less than 18 minutes.  Racers have crashed down the mountain, and have come back to race. Over 245 brave riders have died in the 109 years of the TT’s existence.

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This is the place where names like John McGunnies, Robert Dunlop, Joey Dunlop, Michael and William Dunlop, Guy Martin, Bruce Anstey have become legends and household names in road racing. Take a look at the videos below that give offer you a glimpse of the TT. Whether you are a racer, racing enthusiast or simply a fan of motorcycles, this video will make you appreciate the dangers these men put themselves in, for the glory that awaits them at the finish line.

Check out this onboard lap of Isle of Man with the Kawasaki Ninja H2R!

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