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Innovative Technology on BMW 7-Series and Tesla Model S FOB Key

The BMW 7-Series and the Tesla Model S have long been an innovation torch bearer in their segment. The 2016 BMW brought with it a host of technological features making it one of the coolest and the most technologically advanced car that the Bavarian manufacturer has to offer today including the BMW i8. The Tesla Model S is one of the fastest selling electric cars today offering a long list of technological innovations, features and capabilities.


One of the many gadgets that is unique to the Tesla Model S and the BMW 7-Series is the FOB key and the things that they are capable of. Standard FOBs lock and unlock your car, sound the horn and pop open the trunk or the hood if needed. What sets the BMW 7-Series and Tesla Model S FOB key apart from the rest is the remote control parking feature and a host of other features.


The BMW 7-Series features a new Display Key, which is a new way of looking and using the car’s FOB. According to BMW, the Display Key is a smartphone for your car minus the phone. The 2.2 inch display is touch sensitive and has a resolution of 320×240 pixels. It works well with swiping movements and simple press gestures.

bmw 7 series fob key

You can check the status of your windows, the state of the car’s alarm system and so on. It displays vital information about your car, gas mileage, locking and security information and driver-less parking. Take a look at the video below for an overview on the BMW 7-Series FOB key.

The remote control parking (RCP) feature allows you to park your car (or get it out of the garage) by the press of a button, because parking a car yourself is so 2015. With big features comes a big battery. The Display Key can be replenished by a wireless charger that is included in the car  or via a micro USB. The option for the display key costs $250 and is a must if you want to use the remote control parking technology.

Check out this video of the BMW 7-Series being parked with the FOB key. Bragging rights go to the owner!

Continue reading for info on the Tesla FOB.

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