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The Honda Gold Wing Trike is the One You Want!

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the most beloved and popular touring motorycles around. Granted it cannot go anywhere that your regular touring-adventure motorcycle would, but it is a tourer and a luxury one at that. Now, Ludovic Lazareth has added his own twist to it. Lazareth is well known for his wild and crazy creations such as this Maserati V8 engine powered motorcycle. Now, he has managed to stun us fans again with this Honda Gold Wing Conversion. This is something that riders have been looking for. Check out the Honda Gold Wing Trike


Since the first trikes started appearing, there have been scores of riders who have wondered if the luxurious Gold Wing would get the treatment. Lazareth has answered the call with his Honda Gold Wing leaning reverse Trike. Unlike the one-off unique models that he makes, the Honda Gold Wing Trike will be produced in far greater numbers! Hurrah!!

While there are not much details on their webpage, the description does mention that the wheelbase, turning radius and the maximum tilt are the same as the stock Gold Wing. This is to ensure optimal handling, according to Lazareth. The front suspension has a track of 610mm. The wheels have 17-inch rims. There are hydraulic disc brakes that offer good braking and stability.


Honda Gold Wing owners would probably love to have such a setup on their bikes. The person you have to ask is Ludovic Lazareth. The first one is already going around the streets of Paris. Imagine more to make their way to the streets in the future.

Check out the pictures of the Honda Gold Wing Leaning Reverse Trike! Would you get one on your Honda Gold Wing?

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Gold Wing fans will like this one! If you have any friends who are Gold Wing fans, recommend this story to them. and

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