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Forza MotorSport: Apex Coming to Windows This Spring

Forza Motorsport: Apex will be launched on Windows platforms this spring and we cannot wait! Forza Motorsport is one the precious few realistic racing games that have hit mainstream (Others include Gran Turismo and NFS Shift series). So far, I have had to play it on the Xbox and it bummed me out. I mean, I had a thrustmaster steering wheel, the gear shifter and the pedals and I could play with them. Well, no longer! Microsoft and Turn 10 are bringing the series to Windows 10 PCs.

PC gaming has long been the hallowed ground on which games have run like they should No reduction of frame rates, no graphical letdowns, no nothing. The visual effects on a PC far outclass any console if you have the meat to support them. The upcoming Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a free and distilled version of FM6 that aims to show what the previously Xbox One only title can do with the power of a PC behind it. Making full use of DX12 for visual effects it runs in freakin 4K! You will need a monster graphics card to do the deed however. I have one, so eat your heart out.


What bums me out is that the PC version is going to have only 63 cars. Seriously, Microsoft? After playing with over 173 cars on my Xbox (there are 460 in total) over 26 locations, I get only 63 cars and 6 locations on my PC? Well, there goes the joy. I hope the cars included will atleast do justice to the game (Don’t forget the Ford GT, Microsoft!) Thankfully, Microsoft says that this is just a teaser for “Future Forza” experiences. Good. Now, all we need is Forza Horizons 2 on the PC and I am good to wait until you bring your Future Forza experience.

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