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The Formula 1 Cars of the Future

Formula 1 represents the pinnacle of Motorsport. Driver skill and talent, speeds, the technology and engineering, the requirements and the ideas, are mind boggling. The cars themselves are a work of art. However, with the current set of regulations, many enthusiasts and hardcore followers of the sport feel that too much of the car and its design dictate the pace of a race. Drivers seem to be more interested in keeping their place and maintaining their tires, rather than overtaking or remaining close to the car in front. It is generally less exciting to watch, which is a shame as there are some real legends on the track. Drivers don’t seem like they are laying down their heart and soul each weekend anymore. Would the Formula 1 cars of the future be different?

3D artist Nathan Dearsley had all these questions on his mind when he imagined Formula 1 cars that look beautiful and fast again. According to Dearsley, we probably have to wait until 2056 for that. But if these pictures are any indication, it looks like the wait might be worth it. He imagines a futuristic McLaren MP6/P. It is a sleek, stunning mix of forward-looking elements and pays homage to the past. The design is reminiscent of the legendary McLaren MP4/4 driven by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost during the 1988 season and has a host of other influences.


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