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The Fastest Street Motorcycles in the World

Motorcycles are fun, stylish, rebellious and scream of freedom from the daily drone of life. Come weekends, a ride on your motorcycle does wonders for the body and spirit than anything else. Replace the boring commute by some stylish street riding, and watch those jaws drop and eyes stare as you whizz past, all decked up in gear. That is all fine and good most of the times. But then, there are times when there is an unreasonable need for speed. That is when you want one of the fastest street motorcycles in the world!


A million dollar supercar may go 0-100kmph in less than 3 seconds, but it will still stand second to a sub $20,000 hyperbike. Modern superbikes are freakin’ fast. They epitomize the thrill of going fast, and do not apologize for doing so.  Take a look at the fastest motorcycles in the world in no particular order. Who makes the fastest motorcycle? Is MechaPorn even a word? If so, then it has to be applied here!

Yamaha YZF-R1M


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The Yamaha R1 is a motorcycle that makes music. It makes sense, given Yamaha’s history of musical instruments. The 2016 R1M makes music and it goes fast while doing so. The R1M is the upmarket version of the flagship superbike of the company: The R1. The YZF R1M is a street-legal, track-spec superbike that costs about $22,000. It is about $5000 more than the R1, and is capable of performance that will blow your brain. The R1M features Moto-GP inspired technology in the electronics package.

Apart from all the standard features of the R1, the R1M upgrade list features Ohlins suspension which can be electronically adjusted. Other features include a clear-coated aluminum fuel tank, a highly polished aluminum swingarm and gold-colored front radial-mount calipers. The 43mm Öhlins front forks get special finished gold inner tubes. A unique R1M badge is mounted on the airbox cover. The exhaust is completely titanium, with titanium headers and muffler canister in a position optimized for centralized mass.

The YZF R1M is built for the track. It features carbon fiber bodywork, a Communication Control Unit (CCU) with GPS connectivity. Talk of boasting about your exploits on the track (or hiding the lack of) with these cool features. The R1M boasts of 0-100kmph in 2.3 seconds, and a top speed of 300kmph that is electronically restricted. Talk about motorcycling nirvana. The R1M answers the call. The R1M looks good too, like an alien that’s trying to act normal. Take a look at all the amazing tech that the R1M packs!

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