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Erik Buell Motorcycles Resumes Production

Erik Buell Motorcycles (EBR) has resumed production again at its factory in East Troy, Wisconsin. The US based motorcycle manufacturer will start the production of the 1190X and the 1190SX models. The first of the bikes will roll off the factory production line by the 17th of March and a press day for journalists has been planned. While details about the new models are scant at the moment, more information will be available when the new bikes come out.

According to EBR, the new motorcycles will be aggressive and that is something the struggling brand desperately needs to re-establish itself. There is even talk of EBR’s plan for racing, but we would be happy if they stick to production of the motorcycles for now and turn things around for themselves.

EBR 1190X

Company founder and chief technical officer Erik Buell had this to say “’I am really looking forward to the launch and the press day. I have dedicated my life to this and want to get the word out on how great our motorcycles are.’

Erik Buell racing went through some turbulent times and after it got into financial difficulty, it was forced to close its doors in 2015. The beleaguered manufacturer was brought by Liquid Asset Partners at an auction in January. LAP announced at the start of February that EBR would be back in business. The firm would start supply of parts and components for its motorcycles and follow up with production of motorcycles. The time has now come.


Once Erik Buell gets the new motorcycles off its production line, the next step will be to identify the top dealers in the USA and work towards relaunching the brand in the USA. AN infrastructure is needed to be setup to start selling the bikes again. To celebrate the new bikes from EBR, there is going to be public launch party at EBR’s facility a day after the press launch.

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We are excited to see these hugely famous motorcycles coming back to life again and we hope Erik Buell Motorcycles will continue to bring out new products and stay alive for the years to come.

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