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Editorial Policy

We draw your attention to the foundation of TheMotorLife.com

At, TheMotorLife.com we aim to be objective and honest in our reporting and aspire to be a source of credible information, conversation and inspiration for automotive fans across the world.

Our Pledge

TheMotorLife.com editorial team follows a set of rules and guidelines and does not publish articles arbitrarily. Quality of content is important to us and every article published on TheMotorLife online publication has to fullfill certain criteria. We strive and advocate for and protect the interest of our readers and the automotive community. Here we set out our relationship with you, our readers and contributors and this serves as the foundation of a trust between TheMotorLife online publication and you.

To keep things transparent, TheMotorLife.com is a professional and independent online publication. It is neither influenced nor controlled by our advertisers and sponsors or any other third party. None of the content at the site is edited or altered by our advertisers and sponsors at any time. We do not allow our advertisers and sponsors to screen our content before it is published. Our advertisers and sponsors do not direct or control the type of content we produce or our editing processes. When we produce any sponsored editorial content we will always make it publicly known when this happens.

We revisit and revise our policies time and again to ensure the quality of our content is never compromised. We work very hard ensuring honesty and integrity in our content and we will quickly deal with any errors that creep in. You can trust in the quality of our output and we trust in your constructive contributions towards further improving the TheMotorLife.com online publication.

What we ask of you

TheMotorLife.com online publication is free for you, our readers. Freedom of speech demands equal respect from all parties involved. Hence, we request our readers to not offer any sexist, racist or otherwise discriminatory opinions, or words that may incite and inflame hatred: We will not publish these opinions. We ask that you respect standards of legality and propriety when contributing to the TheMotorLife.com online publication. Equal respect also demands that you do not use swear words in any section of the online publication.

When contributing to TheMotorLife.com online publication if you decide to put your name to an article, you must ensure that the work you send us must be yours entirely. If the article you are offering contain words, pictures or videos that are someone else’s you must respect their intellectual integrity and accredit the author.

We request that you read our Advertising Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Thank you.

With trust and integrity, we can work together to build a robust website for all automotive enthusiasts. 


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