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Driverless Taxi Pods In Gurgaon, India Will Ease Traffic

Gurgaon is a buzzing industrial city outside of India’s capital New Delhi. This industrial city is mostly run by private companies and has a population of over 2 million people. The infrastructure however is a different story. Boasting little in the way of urban infrastructure, getting around the city can be a hassle of people without their own means of transport. Add to the fact that roads are quite congested (despite being in good quality). Gurgaon has about 60,000 new cars being added to its streets every month. Driverless taxi pods in Gurgaon is an efficient and quick transportation required by the city.


According to the Times of India, Gurgaon will get its own personal rapid transit system in the form of driverless taxis. The National Highway Authority of India has reportedly contracted a pilot project that aims to build 8 miles of PRT network and will use 1100 small pods for transit. These pods are suspended from overhead rails and can travel through town at speeds of over 37miles (60kmph) per hour. That means the system can effectively help about 30,000 people commute per hour in one direction. This can help alleviate the burden on ground transportation. If the network is expanded, the benefits will be higher.

Another interesting feature of the upcoming driverless taxi pods in Gurgaon is that someone can hire an entire pod for themselves if required and bypass all the stops on the way to their destination if they are in a hurry. It is quite possible that a pod full of people going to the same destination would also bypass unnecessary stops. The NHIA is accepting bids for the project with a project cost of about $128million (8464 million INR). The project would take about an year to build. Land has already been set aside for the project. This may just be the solution that Gurgaon needs to make up for its lack of public funding and planning during its growth.

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