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Don’t Do These In a Manual Transmission Car!

Manual transmissions maybe be slowly getting replaced by automatic transmission systems these days, but they are still present in the majority of cars on the road today! A manual transmission is fun and gives the driver a higher level of engagement with driving than an automatic transmission. But what you may not know is that manual transmissions are very prone to damage due to certain bad habits while driving!

manual transmission

While manual transmissions are fun, you may be causing it damage and not even know about it! Transmission systems are expensive, difficult and time consuming to repair. The nicer you are to your manual transmission, the longer it will last and the less grumpy it will be. It is less likely to give you problems in the long run. Take a look at the video that explains the five things that you should never do in a manual transmission car! I am guessing you may know some of these things by now, but some of them are easy to know without realizing the damage you could be causing!

Facts like these are handy and good to know, easy to remember. Take a look at the 5 things you should never do in a manual transmission car!

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If that got you interested, take a look at this video that explains how a transmission system works. It is quite simple, fun and interesting!

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